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Supporting OCP with high quality products

We design, build and ship a complete family of OCP racks and cabinets from 22OU to 48OU. 

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+ What are OCP products?

The Open Compute Project started in 2011 and stems from Facebook’s initiative to improve energy efficiency, reduce hardware costs, and speed up deployment, by developing their own custom servers, power supplies, server racks and battery backup systems.

+ Will these products work with my standard 19” rack?

OCP racks only support equipment with 21” width and have proprietary methods of mounting. This means that you can’t use square, round or threaded hole equipment in the rack.

+ Are OCP products compatible with standard sized servers?

Since OCP racks are designed for 21” equipment, they will be too wide to support more common 19” servers. The OCP modular server design is not common in the industry yet.

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At RackSolutions, we want our passion for creative and skillful engineering to be apparent every time you work with our products. That’s why all our products are feature-packed and easy to use, without ever compromising build quality.

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