Rackmount Rails Designed for IBM and Lenovo Servers

RackSolutions has the answer for your IBM and Lenovo rackmount needs, whether mounting in a 4Post or 2Post rack RackSolutions products offer a full range of configurations to assist you. Find out which rails kits and rack converters are compatible for your IBM servers.

Which IBM/Lenovo server rail is best for you? 

Before selecting your server rails, you need to identify your IBM/Lenovo server model. Once you know which model you have, you can locate the IBM/Lenovo category on the left, which has a IBM/Lenovo Server Compatibility filter for multiple server models. You will be able to search for the model number and determine if any of our products will work with your device. Depending on your server type, we offer a wide variety of slide rails and fixed rails. 

What are server rack rails used for?

Server rack rails are designed to mount servers and other IT equipment in the most efficient way possible. Rails are very thin and require less space than a shelf. By using server rails to mount all compatible equipment, it results in less wasted space. Depending on your needs, server specific rails come in fixed or sliding variations. You can choose fixed rails, which are stationary, meaning that the server can only be removed if there is room above the rail. In comparison to fixed rails, slide rails allow the server to slide out because of two separate rails. One is attached to the server and the other is attached to the rack.

What is the Lenovo HyperShelf used for? 

In large scale enterprise deployments, a HyperShelf is used to enhance airflow, cable management, and machine density. The 5U HyperShelf for 7 Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultras (opens in a new tab)allows rack mount 7 workstations per 5U of rack space. You can easily extend the shelf out of the rack for in-rack serviceability and replacement of the devices. By using any of our Lenovo HyperShelf, you can maximize space, accessibility, and operational efficiency. 

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