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What is the Open Compute Project? (OCP)

The Open Compute Project started in 2011 and stems from Facebook’s initiative to improve energy efficiency, reduce hardware costs, and speed up deployment, by developing their own custom servers, power supplies, server racks and battery backup systems. The rack and equipment itself has evolved from a standardized 19” EIA rack with specialized IT servers to a unique rack with wide equipment and centralized power.

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OCP Open Rack EIA Conversion Shelves

  • Converts OUs into EIA RUs
  • Can be used to eliminate air gaps
  • 60, 100, or 150 lb ( 27, 45, 68 kgs)
  • Depth: 29" (737 mm)
  • Cable pass-through holes
  • Square holes
  • Increases airflow efficiency
  • Can also mount on OCP Rail
OCP Conversion Shelves are used to install 19” EIA equipment in an OCP Open Rack. These shelves convert RUs to OUs and eliminate air gaps to increase airflow efficiency. The Conversion Shelf is Perfect for rack-mounting switches and standard 19" appliances using square holes. The shelf has integrated cable pass-through for front to rear access. The OCP Conversion shelf is also capable of tool-less mounting when mounted on top of one of our 2OU OCP Rail Kits
OCP Open Rack EIA Conversion Shelves (desktop image)OCP Open Rack EIA Conversion Shelves (mobile image)

OCP Windmill Server Rails

OCP Windmill Server Rails (desktop image)OCP Windmill Server Rails (mobile image)
  • 1.5 OU Rails
  • Support for Quanta and Wiwynn type Windmill Chassis
  • All mounting hardware included. 

The RackSolutions OCP Windmill Server Rails create an easy way of mounting the Windmill servers to V2 OCP racks. Windmill servers are not the standard width of most servers for OCP V2 racks. The Windmill servers originated with the Facebook model of OCP rack mounting. Our rails work as conversion kits to mount the Windmill servers in standard V2 OCP racks. All mounting hardware included.

Tool-Less OCP Rail Kits

Compatible with OCP versions 1.1 and above

  • 1OU and 2OU sizes
  • Tool-less (TL) and non tool-less options
  • Weight Capacity: 80 lbs
  • Constructed from high quality 14 GA steel
  • Galvanized finish

OCP IT rails (Knives) facilitate simple tool-less (TL) installation where equipment or cabling restrict access. Our rail kits are available in 1OU and 2OU form factors. RackSolutions OCP rail kits are compatible with Open Rack versions 1.0 and above.

Please note that v1.0 and v1.1 rails are two different standards and not cross-compatible.

Tool-Less OCP Rail Kits (desktop image)Tool-Less OCP Rail Kits (mobile image)

OCP Filler Panels

OCP Filler Panels (desktop image)OCP Filler Panels (mobile image)

Control Airflow In Your OCP Rack:

  • Compatible with OCP versions 1.1 and above
  • 1OU, 2OU, and 3OU sizes
  • Tool-less, easy install design
  • Prevents air bypass
  • Constructed from high quality 16 GA Steel with Stainless Steel Clips

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