Colocation Racks

Colocation cabinets split a rack up among different customers while still allowing each customer to keep their equipment secure. Choose how many compartments you need and what type of lock you would prefer within our product pages. 

Why do I need a Colocation Cabinet? 

People who rent out server space have an obligation to protect tenants’ equipment. Since the renter will likely be taking up less than a rack, having one key for the entire space isn’t an option. 

Our colocation cabinets are separated in up to four compartiments, each with its own built in lock or the ability to add a padlock. They are designed to manage airflow as well as any open or enclosed frame rack.

How can I find the weight capacity?

All of our racks have static load capacity ratings on their product pages. You will need to estimate the sum of your equipment's weight in order to determine what capacity your rack will need.

Purchasing a rack with a higher load capacity than necessary is recommended. One reason is because racks that are capable of being moved have lower weight capacities while in motion. Additionally, it is impossible to predict future weight needs and racks can last much longer than the equipment itself.

About Racksolutions' Server Racks

Our server racks are compatible with all leading OEM servers and equipment, such as Dell, HP and IBM. Open frame racks allow for more airflow and space while enclosed racks enhance security. You will likely want a 2 post (telco) rack if mounting lightweight equipment and a 4 post rack for full sized servers.

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