Rack Mounted Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Trays

RackSolutions keyboard video mouse (KVM) trays offer an all in one solution for you to store a keyboard, monitor, and mouse, in a condensed space that mounts directly into your server rack! Connecting to your equipment has never been easier with our line of American made KVM’s! Custom made by RackSolutions engineers, our server rack KVM trays are sure to provide a perfect home for your IT equipment.

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  1. (2UMON-133) Sliding Rackmount Monitor Kit - with monitor
    Sliding Rackmount Monitor Kit

    Starting at CA$249.99

  2. Rackmount KVM extended from rack
    Rackmount KVM 4Post
    As low as CA$399.99
  3. (104-4846) Keyboard Wall mount - shown with keyboard
    Keyboard Wallmount
    As low as CA$469.95
  4. 2Post Rackmount KVM
    2Post Rackmount KVM
    As low as CA$449.99
  5. Sliding Keyboard Tray
    Sliding Keyboard Tray
    As low as CA$234.99
  6. Dell 17" LCD Monitor
    Dell 17" - 19" LCD Monitor
    As low as CA$249.99
  7. Flush Mount Rack Monitor
    Flush Mount Rack Monitor

    Starting at CA$399.99

    Out of stock
  8. Keyboard with Touchpad
    Keyboard with Touchpad

    Starting at CA$49.99

  9. Full Keyboard Wallmount
    Full Keyboard Wall Mount
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