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Plug equipment right into your rack

Consolidate cables coming out of your rack with power strips that mount are exactly where you need them.

In case you were wondering

+ What does “right angle outlet” refer to? 

When a power strip is advertised with “right angle outlets,” this means that they would be facing right side up when the power strip is horizontal. It’s a feature that can help users fit more plugs with larger power bricks.

+ Will Vertical Rackmount Powerstrips work on any rack?

Our Vertical Rackmount Powerstrip doesn’t have any specific mounting mechanisms built in. This powerstrip can be mounted on other racks using zip-ties or custom mounting methods.

+ Do all power strips use the same plugs? 

Anything with 15A uses NEMA 5-15 plugs while 20A versions use NEMA L4-20 plugs. These plugs are not cross compatible.

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