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Open Frame Server Racks

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Open Frame Server Racks

Rack height 5U - 58U

  • Universal square holes, cage nuts included
  • Dell, HP, IBM, Cisco compatible
  • 58U, 55U, 52U, 50U, 44U, 36U, 30U, 24U, 16U, 5U
  • 3000 lbs (1360 kgs) capacity
  • Meets EIA, 19" standards
Note: Height kit and depth kit required to purchase complete rack.

Optimizes cooling and makes wiring easy

  • 5" Vertical cable organizer included (sold separately with 50U, 52U, 55U and 58U)
  • Streamlined support for power strips, PDUs
  • Ships FedEx (except 55U and 58U) Not expensive, non palletized freight
  • Quick and easy assembly

Designed for data centers

  • 24" width is perfect for data centers
  • Flush floor mount spreads load on floor tiles
  • Optional side & filler panels
  • Optional top panel with cable pass-throughs

Rack accessories

  • Rack tops, caster kits, side panels & power strips may be purchased separately. Follow links in each accessory section below for offerings.


  • High density installations
  • Cloud & virtualization providers

Alternate racks

UL Certified
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Data Center Rack

The 55U Open Frame Rack, P/N: 111-1767, is available by phone. Please call 1-888-903-7225 to order.
These server racks meet all EIA standards. These server racks are compatible with all the major OEM's such as Dell, HP, IBM and Cisco. The server racks are available in heights from 16U to 58U and are compatible with overhead cable trays from B-Line and other manufacturers. Read more about Open Frame Racks.

Softlayer Logo

RackSolutions® is proud to be a leading provider of server racks and equipment for SoftLayer®.
See video of RackSolutions' racks being installed in one of SoftLayer's data centers.
See one of SoftLayer's largest data centers featured on its youtube channel.


RackSolutions’ Open Frame Rack provides users with a versatile, customizable solution engineered to meet a diverse set of rack mounting needs. Ranging in heights from 16U to 58U, this rack optimizes cooling and promotes easy wiring, making it ideal for high density installations. It is perfect for data center deployment. It includes a vertical cable organizer (sold separately with 50U,55U & 58U), as well as support for power strips, PDUs and for APC tool-less mounting. This rack features square holes, works perfectly with tool-less rails, and it’s quick and easy to assemble. The Open Frame Rack is compatible with 19” equipment developed by all of the leading OEMs including: Dell, HP, IBM, and Super Micro. The Open Frame Server Rack also features a number of new design attributes built specifically for data center deployment. The bottom of the open case has flush floor mounts that spread the rack's payload evenly over the floor. It can also be ordered with optional side and top panels. The top panel comes with or without holes for cable pass-through.

Accessories to help optimize the Open Frame Server Rack, such as caster kits and power strips, can all be purchased separately from RackSolutions.

Caster Kit Option

Provides convenient rack access in tight spaces. The maximum capacity on casters is 1200 lbs (544 kg).
For safety reasons, this Caster Kit is only recommended on racks heights of 30U or less. Casters add 1.5" to overall rack height. See installation instructions for more details.

Rack Top Options

Close out the top of this rack with one of four Rack Top options. Choose from black or galvanized Rack Tops with or without cable pass-throughs. These are useful on short racks for providing additional storage space. Hardware included.
Note: These rack tops are only available for the 28.875" rack depth option

Rack Side Panels

These tool-less, non-locking, Side Panel Kits come in 16U, 24U, 30U, 36U, 44U, 50U and 55U sizes. Each side panel kit is broken into 1, 2 or 3 sections (depending on U height) to make installation easy. 55U, 50U and 44U rack panels are broken into 3 sections per side. 36U, 30U and 24U rack panels are broken into 2 sections per side. 16U has 1 section per side. You must order 2 side panel kits per rack if you wish to install side panels on the left and right side of the rack. Open Frame Rack-111 side panels are easy to install.

Vertical Cable Organizers

One Vertical Cable Organizer is included with each rack (sold separately with 50U or 55U). There are eight (8) locations to mount this vertical organizer (front/rear, right/left, and inside/outside). The organizer supports up to four (4) power strips. Holes included for cable pass-thru. Multiple wire tie points. Management bar is shared with adjacent racks. Every rack is designed to be coupled to one-another (same height rack). Coupling hardware is included. See an example of vertical cable organizers in use.

Power Distribution: Choose from 8, 16 or 24 Outlets

P/N: PSV-F24-15A-S (24 Outlet for 44U or 50U)

P/N: PSV-F16-15A-R (16 Outlet for 30U or 36U)

P/N: PSV-F8-15A-Q (8 Outlet for 24U)

The RACK-111 will support 2 vertical power strips mounted with the outlets facing back (away from the rack).
The RACK-111 will support 4 vertical power strips mounted with the outlets facing inward (towards each other).

Baying Kit

1 Baying Kit is required to join 2 of these racks together. 2 Baying Kits will join 3 racks together and so forth.

Cage Nut Tool

Don't tear up your fingers. A Cage Nut Tool may be used to install or uninstall those pesky cage nuts. This tool features 3 holes (10-32, 12-24 and M6) that are sized and labeled for you to easily check to see what screws you have. It also comes with a "U" space size reference guide on the back.

Installation Examples

Small Data Center Server Room

Note: Above is a great example of three, Open Frame Racks bayed together in a server room.

Rack 111 Server Racks Bayed Together

Note: Above is an example of two, 50U, Open Frame Server Racks bayed together with two, 55U Server Racks in a data center.

Customer Feedback

“RackSolutions’ quick turnaround time on racks and custom components has helped to support SoftLayer’s exponential growth at multiple domestic and international sites.” - Joshua Rushe, V.P. of Operations at SoftLayer -

"Please pass on to everyone at RackSolutions how pleased we are with the three 44U racks, shelving and rails we purchased from RackSolutions. I've been in this business a lot of years, put together many rack systems, and never have I had such an easy experience. Everything fits perfectly, plenty of hardware, easily understandable instructions, and the sliding shelving is great for all our older non-rackable servers. Our company has several different kinds of servers...Dell, Compaq, IBM, and HP, and everything fits great in your racks. We just wanted to say we would recommend your product for anyone looking for a new rack solution for their network." - M. Morris, Systems Administrator -

"You guys ROCK. I bought a 4-post rack for a client through a local reseller--am amazed at the quality of materials and the amount of care and forethought put into the design. It's a real pleasure these days to see a beautifully-made product, delivered on time, carefully packaged, with clear, simple assembly instructions. And it really made my day to see the included masonry fasteners AND the drill bit. Keep it up!" - Brian K. IT Consultant -

Additional Information

Additional Information

Rack Type 4 Post Rack, Open Frame
Hole Type EIA 3/8" (9.5 mm) square hole
Rack Internal Width EIA 19" Standard Rack
Rack Mount Depth 28.875" (733 mm)
24" (610 mm)
20" depth (508 mm)
Tech Notes UL certified
Included Hardware (40) 12-24 cage nuts
(40) 3/8" 12-24 screws
(4) Masonry anchors
(1) Masonry drill bit
Finish Black, textured powder coat
Rack Post Shape J-Form
Assembly Notes 3/4" (19 mm) wrench required
Assembly time is approximately 10 minutes
Rack Outside Dimensions Width = 24" (609 mm)
Depth = depth kit you select (28.875", 24" or 20") plus 7" for the vertical cable bar
Example: 28.875" + 7" = 35.875" depth

5U = 15" (381 mm)
16U = 34" (863 mm)
24U = 48" (1219 mm)
30U = 58.5" (1485 mm)
36U = 69" (1752 mm)
44U = 83" (2108 mm)
50U = 93.5" (2375 mm)
52U = 97" (2463 mm)
55U = 103" (2616 mm)
58U = 108" (2743 mm)
Rack Casters Optional Caster Kit with a weight capacity of 1200 lbs (544 kg). 111-1731
RoHS Compliant Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
Dimensions Rack Height Options 5U,16U, 24U, 30U, 36U, 44U, 50U, 55U, 58U

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