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Universal PC Wall Mount


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Universal PC Wall Mount

Wall mount for almost any PC

  • Adjustable height for PCs up to 18" (457 mm) tall
  • 50 lb (23 kgs) weight capacity
  • Compatible with major OEMS such as Dell, HP, IBM and more
  • Compatible with most SFF PCs from Dell and HP

Mounts any PC to a wall

  • Sheet rock anchors and adjustable equipment strap included
  • PC is easily removed for maintenance

Wall mount your monitor and keyboard

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Universal PC Wall Mount WALL-MOUNT-PC

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The RackSolutions PC Wall Mount gives users the ability to easily mount their computer to a wall, desk, or any other flat surface. The device has been designed with universality in mind, allowing it to meet the diverse mounting needs that can arise in the data center. As a result, it is compatible with computers from such leading manufacturers as Dell, HP and IBM. The PC Wall Mount's diverse compatibility range also stretches to its physical design parameters. The mount comes with an adjustable support that can handle computers as short as 11" or as tall as 18" (279 - 457 mm). Furthermore, computers with a depth of 10" (254 mm) or less will fit on the mount's supportive tray. The mount's ability to meet a variety of size needs does not come at the expense of stability. The RackSolutions PC Wall Mount has a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs, meaning it can handle most heavy PCs. For installation, all of the necessary hardware to safely attach the platform to the wall and mount any compatible computer on its tray in included. Hardware offerings include auger-style, drywall anchors and a nylon strap to secure devices on the mount.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Compatiblity Universal
Assembly Notes Phillips head screwdriver required
Assembly Notes Phillips head screwdriver required
Weight Capacity 50 lbs (23 kgs)
Dimensions Equipment Height:
Minimum 11" (279 mm)
Maximum 18" (457 mm)
Equipment Depth:
10" (254 mm)
Equipment Width:
Any reasonable width
Rack Type Wall Mount
Finish Black, textured powder coat
Amazon ASIN B000G1C7A4
RoHS Compliant Yes
TAA Compliant Yes
Included Hardware All necessary hardware is included
Adjustable length nylon strap for securing equipment is included:
Auger style drywall anchors (included)
Total shear strength: 540 lbs (vertical)
Total pullout strength: 160 lbs (horizontal)

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