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RackSolutions also known as Innovation First International works to support Dell and its representatives. Our list of Dell SKUs is a quick way to identify RackSolutions products that have already been set up in the Dell ordering system. For more information on compatibility visit our partner site -

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Dell SKU


102-1822 A7007389 1U Universal Blanking Panel
102-1823 A5540770 2U Universal Blanking Panel
102-1824 A7741632 3U Universal Blanking Panel
102-1825 A8745148 4U Universal Blanking Panel
102-1827 A8735817 6U Universal Blanking Panel
102-1883 AA758233 3U Vented Universal Blanking Panel
102-1884 A6812987 4U Vented Universal Blanking Panel
104-2202 A5498923 Monitor Wall Mount
104-2411 AA758237 Pivot Monitor Wall Mount
104-2795 A7622821 Full Keyboard Wall Mount
104-4778 A8930318 Secure Wall Mount for Dell OptiPlex 9020 SFF
104-4935 A8930317 Dell OptiPlex Micro Wall Mount - Tilt
104-5005 A8930316 Dell OptiPlex Micro Wall Mount - Fixed
104-5201 AB000204 Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Tiny Desktop - Tilt Monitor
104-5202 AB000189 Lenovo ThinkCentre M93p Tiny Desktop- Fixed Monitor
106-1928 A7077417 Cage Nut Tool
108-4013 A7779437 Light Duty Server Rack Shelf 24"
109-1737 A5229755 Dell PowerEdge R810, R815 & Precision R5500, R7610 Rack Rails
111-1728 A9754019 36U, Rack-111 Post Kit (69")
112-1534 A9411918 Sliding Computer Shelf - 24" (without CMA)
112-2167 A6782673 1U Sliding Shelf Rail Kit for Dell Precision T3600, T5600
112-4901 AA758234 1U Rack Mount Shelf without USB for Apple Mac Mini (3rd and 4th Generation)
112-5541 AA758238 1U Rack Mount Shelf with USB for Apple Mac Mini (3rd and 4th Generation)
113-1834 A6499385 Top for Rack 111 28"D w/out cable pass-throughs (black)
114-4658 A8930315 Wall Mount for Dell Wyse 7000 Series
115-1473 A6389946 Tool-less Shelf - Medium Duty, Galvanized (without CMA)
115-1516 A5394226 Tool-less Shelf - Medium Duty, Black (without CMA)
115-1895 A8847248 2 Post Sliding Equipment Shelf - with CMA
115-4928 A9870622 Dual 2 Post Rack Sliding Shelf
118-1619 A7274850 1U - 2U Universal Rack-to-Tower Conversion Kit
119-1591 A4973686 4U space - 9.13" overall
119-1752 A4603637 12U space - 24.70" overall
120-3662 A7512334 2U Sliding Rail Kit for Dell Precision T7600
122-2413 AA182301 HP DL320 & DL360 Gen 8, Gen 10 Rack Rails
122-2447 AA758239 HP DL380 Gen 8, Gen 9 & Gen 10, DL560 Gen 8 & Gen 10 Rack Rails
122-2579 A6289666 1U Rail Kit for Dell PowerEdge R6415, R6515 Servers
122-2580 A6239058 2U Rail Kit for Dell PowerEdge R7515, R540, R720, R730, R740 Servers
137-1525 AB000191 Cable Management Arm for Sliding Equipment Shelf
137-1733 A7455373 D-Ring Cable Clips (4 pack)
137-4276 AB000190 32U Vertical Cable Management Bar
1UCMA-137 A0948134 1U Cable Management Arm
1UKIT-009 A0389974 1U, 2Post Rack Rails
1UKIT-109 A7272282 1U, Universal Rack Rails
1UKIT-109-31 A2778804 1U, 31" Rackmount Rail
1URACK-119 A0414987 1U Vertical Wall Mount Rack
1URAIL-R6 A3460598 Dell PowerEdge R610 Slide Rails
1URAIL-R6-CMA A2954917 Dell PowerEdge R610 Slide Rails with CMA
1USHL-022HALF-7UV A0762056 2 Post Rack Shelf - 7" Vented, Flanges Up
1USHL-108 A7455372 Fixed Rack Shelf - 24" Depth
1USHL-112 A7455352 Sliding Computer Shelf - 24" (with CMA)
1USHL-112-20 A1779196 Sliding Computer Shelf - 20" (without CMA)
1USHL-115 A0134097 Sliding Equipment Shelf with CMA
1USHL-116 A7258943 Heavy Duty Fixed Shelf, 500 lb capacity
1USHL-139 A1195458 Laptop Sliding Shelf
1USHL-MAT-THIN A7578680 Thin Anti Slip Mat
2POST-2UKIT A0421207 2U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2POST-4UKIT A0532626 4U, 2Post Conversion Kit
2UARM-R7 A9227353 Cable Management Arm for 2URAIL-R7
2UBRK-23J-PAIR A1292710 2U, 23" to 19" Joggled Reducer Brackets (pair)
2UBRK-270-FULL A8859115 2U Bracket, 4-bends, 2.70" wide
2UBRK-R7 A2897446 Dell PowerEdge R710 Rack Rails
2UKIT-000C-5 AB000199 Universal, 2U, 2Post Adapter for 5" Uprights
2UKIT-000C-6 AB000200 Universal, 2U, 2Post Adapter for 6" Uprights
2UKIT-009 A5548286 2U, 2Post Rack Rails
2UKIT-109 A7008276 2U, Universal Rack Rails
2UKIT-109-31 A2778997 2U, 31" Rackmount Rail
2UKVM-125 A7499432 Rackmount KVM, Keyboard, without Monitor
2UMON-133 AB000198 Sliding Rackmount Monitor Kit, without monitor
2URAIL-2950 A0741949 Dell 2950, 2970, R5400 Slide Rails
2USHL-020FULL-20S AB000196 Configurable Relay Rack Shelf - 20" Solid
2USHL-020FULL-20V AA758235 Configurable Relay Rack Shelf - 20" Vented
2USHL-022FULL-20DV A0475500 20" 2Post Shelf, Vented, Flanges Down
2USHL-022HALF-13UV A0754708 2 Post Rack Shelf - 13" Vented, Flanges Up
2USHL-130 A0608912 Heavy Duty, Sliding, Rack Mount Shelf with CMA
3UKIT-109 A7008269 3U, Universal Rack Rails
3UKIT-109-31 A7200309 3U, 31" Rackmount Rail
3USHL-022FULL-29DS AB000195 2Post Shelf, Solid, Flanges Down, 29"
3USHL-022FULL-29DV A0582030 2Post Shelf, Vented, Flanges Down, 29"
3USHL-024FULL-29US AA758231 29" Adjustable Rack Shelf - Flanges Up
CAGENUT-1224-50PK AB000192 Cage Nuts 12-24 (50 pack)
PS19-R6-6-S-L AB000201 15A Power Strip, Rear Outlets w/ Surge, 6ft Cord
RACK-151-22U A0942002 22U Server Rack Cabinet
RACK-151-FANTRAY-6 AB000203 Fantray with 6 Fans for RACK-151 Server Rack
RELAY-RACK-45-B-12 AB000194 Relay Rack 45U Black Finish 12-24 Threads
RELAY-RACK-45-B-12-23 AA758236 Relay Rack 45U Black Finish 12-24 Threads 23" Wide
SCREW-1224-625-25PK AB000193 Screw 12-24 x 5/8" (25 Pack)
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